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Dental implants are the most ideal way to replace one or more teeth.  An implant is a titanium post that is placed in the jaw bone to act like the root of your tooth.  Dr. MacNeill then permanently places an abutment and tooth colored crown over the post, so implants do not come in and out of your mouth like a partial denture.  Implants are very strong because the jaw bone grows around the post very securely.  They also can never fail due to getting a cavity.  These are some of the reasons that they are a great long term solution to replace teeth.  They are supported solely by the implant post itself, rather than being connected to neighboring teeth, like with a bridge.  This allows them to be brushed and flossed in a normal fashion.  The result is something that functions and feels as natural as any other tooth in your mouth.


Cosmetic Dentistry:


Dr. MacNeill and her staff will fabricate a custom fit whitening tray that molds perfectly to your teeth.  This will enable the bleach to get to every nook and cranny around your teeth, ensuring you get an even, bright result.

Bonded fillings:

Dr. MacNeill places only tooth colored composite fillings.  These are bonded to the tooth, unlike the old silver amalgam fillings, and are used to restore smaller areas of decay or chipped teeth.  Bonded composite fillings can become stained over time so may need to be redone periodically to maintain a bright smile.


A bridge provides an option for replacing a missing tooth.  It is usually tooth colored, shaped like natural teeth and is permanently cemented in place.  It uses the teeth next to the missing tooth to support the bridge.

Preventive Care:

Dr. MacNeill and her team have a strong focus on educating their patients on ways to prevent bone loss and decay in order to preserve their smile.




Our Services.


A crown is recommended to repair a tooth that is badly weakened due to fracture, decay or a tooth that has had a root canal.  It is usually tooth colored and fits over your whole tooth to protect any weak areas from fracturing off.  Crowns can also improved the shape and color of your teeth so you gain confidence in your smile.


Veneers are porcelain restorations that are bonded to the front of your teeth after a thin amount of enamel is removed.  They are a great way to cover discolorations, restore chipped areas and improve the color and shape of your teeth.  Unlike tooth colored fillings, veneers are made by a highly trained dental technician who is able to create beautiful and natural looking restorations.  These do not stain over time like fillings, so retain their original brilliance for years.

   ​We offer the following dental care services:

Family Services

Dr. MacNeill and her staff love to work with patients of all ages.  When it comes to disease, such as decay and bone loss, prevention is key.  Often these diseases can be genetic, so it is helpful to see the whole family to know the family history well.  Good home care and diet education is given to help prevent dental issues.  Combining that with regular dental checkups will help preserve your natural teeth.  We will work as a team to prevent tooth loss and fix issues in the early stages to avoid more invasive and costly procedures.